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As safety is a priority to us at North Albury Tyrepower & Mechanical, we offer FREE tyre checks for all our customers. Our friendly staff, will be happy to check your vehicle's tyre condition, tread depth and pressure.

One of the critical factor in tyre performance is tyre pressure. Tyre pressure checks are as important as servicing your car regularly, many drivers neglect to check their tyre pressures, then wonder why the tyre does not perform to their expectations, or worse still, fails.

The money saving benefits are perhaps the biggest advantage.

Why Is Tyre Pressure So Important?

Appropriate tyre pressure is important for many reasons. Not only for safety reasons but for also ensure your vehicle performs at it’s best. Correct tyre pressure can;

      Ensure proper adhesion to road surface
      Maximise ride comfort
      Boost fuel consumption
      Maintain appropriate vehicle operating temperature
      Ensure you make the most of your tyres and make them last as long as safely possible
      Provide overall tyre performance

North Albury Tyrepower & Mechanical recommend that tyre pressure should be checked as a minimum once a month. For the most accurate reading, tyre pressures should be checked when the tyres are cold, that is, before the vehicle has been driven.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the tyre pressure the better the performance. But this comes at the cost of a harsher ride. This is because the higher the pressure inside the tyre, the less movement or flex in the tyres sidewalls.

So, if you want increased performance, increase the tyre pressure. If you want improved comfort, decrease the tyre pressure.

Come visit us at 443 Urana Road, Albury (Lavington), we’re happy for you to pop in and see us so we can check your tyres FREE of charge, offer our expert advice and help to extend the life of your tyres.

No appointment necessary for this friendly and quick safety check.

Our friendly team are always here to assist you and pride ourselves on our amazing work and customer service. Please give us a call on (02) 6025 3381 today for further information or book online!

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